Alabama Presidential Elections 2016

Alabama Presidential Elections 2016

Knowing about Alabama:

Among the 50 United States of America, Alabama is one of the major states known mainly for agriculture. It is one the states that has nicknames that are The Yellowhammer State, The Cotton State and Heart of Dixie. There was a time once when its economy majorly depended on agriculture due to which it saw recession for a long period of time. It is the 24th most populous state of USA with Birmingham being the largest city and Montgomery being the capital of the state. The language most spoken here are English and Spanish. The residents of Alabama are called Alabaman or Alabamians. It has its largest metro system named Birmingham Metropolitan Area.

Alabama’s constitution that comprises of 800 amendments and roughly 310, 000 words is known to be the largest constitution of the world. It was ratified in the year 1901.

Politics in Alabama:

There was a time around the year 1874 when a group of white Democrats who called themselves Redeemers took control of the state from Republican. It was after 1890 that certain changes were made to law and these white democrats decided to racially segregate and exclude African-Americans from the state. The process resulted in exclusion of almost all African-American who were mostly poor whites.

Elections in Alabama:

Elections in Alabama are held under the supervision of state law by Alabama Secretary of State through its election division. The elections are categorized in three parts that are state elections, local elections and federal elections.

US Presidential Elections in Alabama, 2016:

Media is, this year, crowded with the news of 58th US Presidential Elections. The elections are going to be held on November 8th, 2016 in the state of Alabama as a part of general elections. Looking at the history of Alabama Presidential Elections, we come to know that Alabama is mostly a Republican state, having voted for Democrats only twice in its history. The first lucky was John Fitzgerald Kennedy who got elected as president of US in the year 1960 and the second was James Earl Carter Jr., commonly known as Jimmy Carter, who became president of US in the year 1976. After that, the Alabamans have been voting for Republican again like Ronald Reagan. Now, this year 2016, the Alabamans seem to have decided their favorite candidate for president of USA who is also a Republican party active member and one of the two strongest presidential candidate, Mr. Donald Trump. If elected as president, Donald Trump would be the first ever president without any political background or government affiliation. That’s because he is a businessman, a TV personality and an author. In March, the residents of Alabama showed their interest in voting mainly for Republicans, then Democrats and Libertarians. Though, since the selection of Ronald Reagan as president of US in the year 1980, the Alabamans have kept voting for the Republican candidates in every election held. The same is expected this time, too for Alabama state. 

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