California Presidential Elections, 2016

California Presidential Elections, 2016

Knowing about California:

California, one of the major states of the United States of America, is the main and most populous state of America also being the largest state by geography. Its city, Los Angeles is the America’s second largest city after New York and California’s city with the most population. The nation’s county that has the most population is in Los Angeles that is known as Los Angeles County. Though, English is the official language of the state but due to its humongous number of population, it has other number of languages that include English, Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog. The residents of California are said to be Californians. Though, Los Angeles is the state’s largest city, it’s capital city is Sacramento. The largest metro system of California is Greater Los Angeles Area.

The current governor of California is Mr. Jerry Brown. The legislature is California State Legislature. Upper Legislative House is California State Senate and Lower Legislative House is California State Assembly.

Politics in California:

California is known as trendsetter in politics and is unique in idiosyncrasy towards political culture in comparison to rest of the country and states. It is the only state to ban gay marriages and legalize abortions. The Californians kept switching their votes from Republican to Democrats and from Democrats to Republican. From 1990, over two decades, Californians selected Republicans in the US Presidential Elections. Currently, the two legislative houses are majorly held by Democrats. Its current governor of the sate Mr. Jerry Brown is also one of the democrats holding offices in Californian legislature.

 Elections in California:

Like all other major states of the America, California is also one of the venues for the 58th US Presidential Elections, 2016. The upper house of legislature, California State Senate is up for elections with half of its seat and the lower house of legislature, California State Assembly is attentive to elections with all of its seats. The Californians will cast their vote for two major presidential candidates, an American businessman, Republican, Mr. Donald Trump and his rival former secretary of state, Democratic Ms. Hillary Clinton who has also served as the first lady of the United States of America being the wife of former president of the US, Bill Clinton.

The other nominees for presidential candidates are Gary Johnson of Libertarian party hailing from New Mexico and Jill Stein of Green party hailing from Massachusetts.

California is one of the states who voted for candidates that eventually became the presidents. From 1992 to 2012, that makes it a full decade, the people of California voted for future presidents. Currently, the Latin population has helped in making California a democratic state. The California Presidential Elections, 2016 is more likely to see a change in voting for the presidential candidates. Ms. Hillary Clinton is one step ahead of Mr. DonaldTrump in getting more votes from the Californian population. It seems the results of California Presidential Elections, 2016 will be in favor of Hillary Clinton.

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