Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is currently in news so much because of US Presidential Elections that are going to be held on November 8th, 2016. She is the candidate of these presidential elections from the Democratic Party. Also, she is being titled as favorite presidential candidate for the United States of America and most votes are being cast for her from some of the major states of USA. For people who make her their favorite, here is some light throwing on her life.

Something about Hillary Clinton:

Hillary Clinton is now a New Yorker, originally born in Texas, Illinois on October 26, 1947. Her full name is Hillary Diane Rodham that she changed to Hillary Clinton after getting married to 42nd President of the United States of America, Bill Clinton. She has the honor of being both the first lady of Arkansas when Bill Clinton was governor there and first lady of the United States when Clinton became president. She was brought up in Chicago and Illinois in a Methodist family by a businessman father and a home maker mother. Clinton has two younger brother named Hugh and Tony. She has an only child with Bill Clinton, a daughter Chelsea Victoria Clinton. She has always been an energetic, active and brilliant girl since her school time. She participated actively in sports, outdoor activities and various social and political campaigns.

Hillary Clinton majored in PoliticalScience from Wellesley College in the year 1965. This is when she was paced forward in her political career. Even then, because of her activities and motivation, many of her fellow students considered that she will become the first ever female president of the United States of America. Though she was a strong supporter of the Republican party in her early years when she was still in her academic years, she later noticed a change in her political views because of her on going experiences.

Post-Graduation, Dating and Marriage:

Clinton then attended Yale Law School for her post-graduation. It was there that she met her future husband, Bill Clinton who was also a law student at a school. Bill Clinton first proposed Hillary to marry him, after their post-graduation, but she denied, telling that she is still uncertain about tying her future with his. Still, she stayed with him and supported him all in his career and plans. She followed Clinton to Arkansas. In the summer of Arkansas in 1975, they both bought a house there. It was the year that Hillary finally decided to marry Bill Clinton. Their marriage took place in the living room of their house.

Politics and US Presidential Elections, 2016:

Hillary Clinton has been a part of the Democratic Party since 1968. She remained Secretary of State, USA from 2009 to 2013, US Senator from New York from 2001 to 20019, First Lady of the US from 1993 to 2001 and First Lady of Arkansas from 1983 to 1992. She’s now standing as a strong candidate for 58th US Presidential Elections. 

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