Maryland Presidential Elections, 2016

Maryland Presidential Elections, 2016

Knowing about Maryland:

Maryland is a stated in the United States of America which is named after the Queen Henrietta Maria of England, mother of Charles II and James II and the wife of the king Charles I of England. It is the state with one of the densest populations but a smaller area in geography. USA’s capital Washington D.C holds its gratitude to Maryland in the matter that Maryland donated a part of its land to establish Washington D.C, thus, playing a most vital role in its existence. Annapolis is the capital city of the state while Baltimore is known to be the largest city of the state.

The state has various nicknames that are Old Line State, Free State, Little America, America in Miniature and the Chesapeake Bay State. The state does not have any language set as its official language but most of the population speaks English. The residents of Maryland are known as Marylander's. Larry Hogan is currently serving as the governor of the state. The state legislature is called general assembly which has two houses; upper house is called the senate while the local house is called the House of Delegates. Senators are Barbara Mikulski and Ben Cardin. The House of Delegates if hold by 7 members of the Democratic Party and 1 member from the Republican party.

Election in Maryland:

Since, the United States of America came into existence, Mr. Spiro Agnew, former U.S Vice Presidents hold the record and honor of being the highest ranking political leader of Maryland. 

According to the surveys held and statistics made, 43% population of the Maryland is the great supporter of the Democratic Party that includes African-American, federal employees and postgraduates at large numbers. This leaves Maryland with the people of Western Maryland and Eastern Shore where there are the large number of supporters of the Republican party. Maryland has mostly been the Democratic state. It has been almost 3 decades now for it. Democratic nominees can conveniently rely on the state of Maryland as people here voted for democratic candidate in all five presidential elections since 1980. Also, the senators of Maryland are from the Democratic Party and legislature, senate, house of delegates and Maryland’s representatives are most of all members of the Democratic party.

The only two republican governors are former governor of the state, Spiro Agnew and the current governor of the state, Larry Hogan.

Maryland Presidential Elections, 2016:

The Maryland Presidential Elections, 2016 which are the part of the US Presidential Elections, 2016 will be held all over Maryland on November 8th, 2016 as the part of the general elections. The nominees for presidential elections in Maryland are Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine from the Democratic Party, Donald Trump and Mike Pence from the Republican Party, Gary Johnson and Bill Weld from the Libertarian Party and Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka from the Green Party. History shows that Marylander's always have voted mostly for the Democratic candidates with the percentage being 65.53. 

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