New Hampshire Presidential Elections, 2016

New Hampshire Presidential Elections, 2016

new hampshire presidential election 2016

 Something about New Hampshire:

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Hampshire in the United States of America, usually known as the New Hampshire, is a county in the state of Massachusetts. As its name says, the country took its name after the county located in England, United Kingdom that is the Hampshire county. The county was founded in the year 1662. Its largest town is Amherst. It has no county government but there is a council named the Hampshire Council of Governments which runs the county successfully. It’s population, according to 2015 census, is 158,080. Still, the New Hampshire country plays an important role in the country’s governance, politics and elections.

Politics in the New Hampshire:

New Hampshire Presidential Elections, 2016

Like many other major states of the United States of America, political parties and their voters are active in the New Hampshire. There has been a percentage count of votes for each party by the residents of the county in the year 2010. According to which, 38,158 persons voted for the Democratic party making it the highest voted party there. The percentage for its votes is 38.26. The party that comes on second is the other major political party of the United States of America; the Republican Party with the percentage being 8.94 and the number of voter being 8, 917, relatively low from the numbers of voters for the Democratic Party. The remaining minor parties has the minor number of voters that is 815 with the percentage of voters being 0.82, the lowest in all.

Elections in New Hampshire:

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The presidential election result in the year 2000, 2004, 2008 and 2012 showed the percentage of the Democratic voters as 56.2%, 69.4%, 71.5% and 70.3%, respectively. The number of voters were 38,543 in 2000, 51,680 in 2004, 56,869 in 2008 and 56,552 in 2012.

The statistics for the Republican party in percentage were 28.0%, 28.6%, 25.9% and 26.6% in the years 2000, 2004, 2008 and 2012 respectively. The numbers of voters were 19,202 in 2000, 21,315 in 2004, 20,618 in 2008 and 21, 366 in 2012. Here again, it is seen that the Democratic party is proven to be the leading winning political party in the New Hampshire.

From 1900 to the year 2012, the New Hampshire county has taken part in 29 presidential elections and mostly voted for the winning presidential candidate with the percentage reaching to almost 88%.

The New Hampshire Presidential Elections, 2016:

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The New Hampshire Presidential Elections, 2016 are going to take place in the same county on November 8th, 2016. The primary elections that were held on Feb 9, 2016 resulted in voters of the county majorly voting for the Democratic and Republican nominees that are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, respectively. Out of the 11 polls evaluated as of August 24, 2016, 10 have been won by Miss. Hillary Clinton while in one poll that was Inside Source/NH Journal, Mr. Donald Trump has the lead. The polling that was held between 26 to 28 August, 2016 has the result of Ms. Clinton with leading numbers of poll. The polling was the recent that was held.

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